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“Let them praise his name in the dance…”

– Psalms 149:3a
This multi-age dance ministry is for beginner, intermediate and advanced dancers ages 7yrs -adult. The liturgical dance ministry is used to lead others into God’s presence through praise and worship. Our focus is on the importance of developing a strong relationship with God through daily preparations. It is through that relationship and personal testimony that we minister through dance. Our goal is to usher in the Holy Spirit, minister to God’s people, and grow spiritually in personal praise and worship!



Dance ministry is most effective when members attend regular rehearsals.  It will result in effective growth in individuals and the ministering group.  Because the dance ministry appears out front at church services and other events,  being properly prepared in several aspects is necessary. Dancers and ministries should be:

Prayed up: As Individuals and as a unit!

Geared up: obtained all dance undergarments and outer garments for both rehearsals and ministry.

Trained up: Dance rehearsal and training should be consistent and an important component.  It requires active participation at home, in rehearsal, and during ministry.


Rehearsal Attire

All dancers are required to wear a black leotard, black dance leggings/black exercise pants, and a t-shirt to rehearsal. (Ministry shirts will be provided and should be worn at rehearsals and to off-campus performances.) We will practice modesty to and from rehearsal. Please cover up!


Performance Attire

All dancers are required to have one white and one black unitard. Unitards can be ordered from the director. Please place an order a min. of 2 weeks prior to the ministry date to insure it will be in on time. Check with the director on which unitard will be needed first. 

Place a Uniform Order Here!

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