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 Daughters Return to the Door of No Return
Research, Training, and Missions Tour
Connecting NOLA, Haiti And West Africa

Silhouette Dance Ensemble is a community that strives to meet the needs of similar communities as we grow our faith and dance ministry. Tapping into our ancestry, we train in the art of dance in many of the forms of the African Diaspora to create our own style of Afro Modern Movement. We are studying dance through immersion as well as identifying and developing community relationships for further missions work. Our desire is to create a partnership with orphanages and women's support programs in the partnering countries.



The Silhouette Dance Ensemble is seeking ongoing sponsorship as the company partners with programs in Haiti and Africa. Please consider supporting our continued growth through the training of their faith, dance discipline and ancestral research. Please support our quest to establish a cultural exchange and community service programs for women and children in locally her in New Orleans as well as Haiti and West Africa.


Your investment is needed and greatly appreciated.

A big big thank you from our family to yours.

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Silhouette Dance Ensemble is dedicated to exalting the Savior through spiritual, moral and socially conscious works using contemporary & cultural dance forms and theater as an outreach medium. The company is composed of multi-generational members ranging from 7yrs-adult. It is a true community company with a diverse makeup of ages, shapes, sizes, and levels of dance training.
The Ensemble serves as a venue for African American girls, teens, and adult women to learn positive self-image and self-expression through dance. The dance program incorporates discipline, technique, and cultural history. It strives to impact the lives of its members and audience by promoting Godly principles and teaching African and African-American history and culture through the medium of dance theater.





Silhouette Dance Ensemble uses dance and theater as a platform for social and spiritual awareness with a focus on individual and community healing. The theater company performs in Soulful Sunday Brunch Performances which focuses on personal reflection through scripture and Biblical principles. The community company has been performing in the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage since 2008 as well as in various events and festivals throughout the city. The dance program provides dance training, fellowship and opportunities for community work through non-traditional ways that advocate healing for individuals, families, and communities.


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